Workshops & Facilitation

Giving Circles:

Guidance, Facilitation, Advisory

Giving circles and small charitable clubs benefit from guidance to align their collective values and goals. I love to get everyone on the same page and find a common mission everyone can get behind.

Merging Privilege with Purpose:

Guidance, Advisory, Planning

It can take time to become comfortable with your privilege, and even more time to understand that you should never have guilt with your status. You want to use your wealth to help better others, and I love helping people become comfortable with how and where they share their good fortune. 

I call it Merging Privilege with Purpose. It can help you understand where your impact can be. The philanthropies women choose to devote themselves to help define the rest of their lives, who they are, and what they stand for.

It isn’t a simple decision to give away wealth to a cause—it has to be the right cause and align with your personal values to be fulfilling in the way it needs to be. As can help to have help when deciding where money might go.

Personal & Professional Manifesto:

Guidance, Facilitation, Workshop

We’re all passionate about something. What truly matters to you? To confidently answer, you need time to wade through the waters of self discovery and define for this season of life your personal and professional must-haves to find what brings meaning to your life.