Families and individuals

“Women who have access to influence and resources, including financial power, can leverage those resources toward better health care, education, and opportunity for all women and girls.”

Having high net wealth comes with responsibility, and it can also comes with guilt–especially for women.

But guilt should not drive your charity. Be comfortable in your value and worth, and, yes, use it for good. Take your privilege and transform it into something beautiful. 

Giving is so much more than writing a check every few months. It’s a true reflection of who you are and who you want to be. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to charitable giving, which means you do not have to align yourself with only a single philanthropy or organization.

My clients are learners, interested in their own discovery. I help individuals with high net worth connect with the philanthropies that matter to them. Together, we build a plan toward a rich, nuanced impact that serves a true purpose. 

Once we discover what truly drives your purpose, we can diversify. We can spread the charity. We can journey to multiple places. Not only can I help you find your purpose, but I can help you make the greatest impact in the most places–if that’s your wish.