A Bold Community Centered Response

A Bold, Community-Centered Response

A platform used to elevate and support workers, materials during building. 

Is this philanthropy and nonprofit-speak? In this case, it’s construction. Actual scaffolding.  

Scaffolding needs to be well-built, firm, and strong to support the work.

Good foundations are essential. 

Scaffolding ensures that the margins of the work are fully supported. The edges are accounted for, just as much as the center. 


This speaks to me profoundly, as we collectively ache and seek to act in the wake of violence from Buffalo to Uvalde. 

Buffalo is the sixth-most segregated and third-poorest city in the country (PUSH). Uvalde is small-town Texas near the border. 

Bold, responsive, community-led giving builds scaffolding for strong foundations. 

We do this when we bring our whole selves to our giving, fund organizations that build scaffolding and center the margins in Buffalo, Uvalde, and communities of color.  

Fund their healing and their grassroots organizations. 

Give boldly to solutions that build strength and foundations set equally across, that ensure the margins are centered. 

Let’s seek to give purposefully, responsively.


The world is asking a lot of us; this work is radical and an act of selflessness. 

Unsure where to begin? Collective giving offers a wonderful opportunity to engage in philanthropy with one’s full self. It diminishes, fears, worries and anxieties about “doing it right” and inspires a sense of community. 

This is challenging work. This is time-activated work, and it needs to start now. 

Let’s learn together how to do it right.